Trackable Video
Convert your Videos into trackable Videos and post them anywhere on the internet that accepts HTML IFrames.

How it works

  • Create a Trackable Video

    Easily convert a hosted Video into a Trackable PDF with just a single click using your Beak dashboard.

  • Add it to an online post

    Include your Trackable Video in any webpage or web post that accepts HTML IFrames. Anytime the video is viewed and played, detailed engagement insights & stats are gathered.

  • Get engagement insights

    Analyze your Beak Data dashboard to uncover measurements and insights on how your consumers engage.

What you get

Visitor Analysis

Get insights on unique, repeat, and total visitors to the Videos you share.

Location Stats

Find out the top countries, regions, and cities that engage with your Videos.

Devices Used

Learn which devices, browsers, and platforms are most readily used to access your Videos.

View Time

Get insights on the overall and average amount of time that watchers viewed your Videos.

Play Time

Get a breakdown of the overall and average amount of time viewers watched your Videos.

Viewing Behavior

Learn about the actions that viewers on your Video take while viewing the content.