Trackable PDF
Convert PDFs into trackable PDFs for controlled sharing and to uncover detailed engagement stats.

How it works

  • Create a Trackable PDF

    Easily convert a standard PDF into a Trackable PDF with just a single click using your Beak dashboard.

  • Share the PDF for viewing

    Share your Trackable PDF with anyone via the web, plus you can apply various sharing controls to restrict access. Anytime the PDF is read, insights & stats are gathered.

  • Get engagement insights

    Analyze your Beak Data dashboard to uncover measurements and insights on how your consumers engage.

What you get

Visitor Analysis

Get insights on unique, repeat, and total visitors to the PDF documents you share.

Location Stats

Find out the top countries, regions, and cities that engage with your PDF documents.

Devices Used

Learn which devices, browsers, and platforms are most readily used to access your PDFs.

Read Percentage

Find out the how much of your document was read by viewers by analyzing read percentage.

Overall View Time

Get insights on the overall and average amount of time that readers viewed your PDFs.

Page View Time

Get a per-page breakdown of how much time vistors spent viewing each page of your PDF.

Viewing Behavior

Learn about the actions that viewers on your PDF take while viewing the content.

Turnstile Access

Decide if you want viewers to gain access to your PDF via access code, email, or none.

Document Lifespan

Set a custom expiration for your document that will terminate further access upon this date.

Viewing Timeout

Set a maximum amount of time that your PDF can be viewed for before it gets timed out.

Max Visitors

Decide how many visitors are allowed to view your PDF before all future views are blocked.

Restrict Duplication

Decide whether to allow downloading, print screen, or printing of your PDF document.