For several years, web beacon (aka web bug or web pixel) functionality has existed within emails and web pages for the purpose of tracking views, but has largely been proprietary and not made available to all. Additionally, whenever you post content on third-party platforms (social media, e-commerce, etc.), they gain ownership of it, even though you were the creator of the content.
In order for the internet to be fair and healthy, a level playing field must exist for content creators.
Beak's mission is to give you (the content creator) power over the content you share online by providing a complete and reliable view of how consumers engage with your content. The mission isn't only about consumer views, but also about giving you power and control over how consumers engage with your shared content.
With Beak, you can track the entire spectrum of the consumer journey - from first touch emails through web page interaction, to file opening and viewing; and control the files you share using turnstile security, page timeout, lifespan settings and various other empowering solutions. We look forward to tirelessly working towards our mission and growing the technology & awareness - and more than anything we are ecstatic that you are along with us for the ride.

Happy Beaking!

Omari Edwards