Trackable Image
Convert your Images into trackable Images for controlled sharing and to uncover detailed engagement stats.

How it works

  • Create a Trackable Image

    Easily convert a standard Image into a Trackable Image with just a single click using your Beak dashboard.

  • Post online or share it directly

    Include your Trackable Image in any webpage or web post that accepts HTML images (via img tag) or share your Trackable Image with anyone via the web. Anytime it is viewed, insights & stats are gathered.

  • Get engagement insights

    Analyze your Beak Data dashboard to uncover measurements and insights on how your consumers engage.

What you get

Visitor Analysis

Get insights on unique, repeat, and total visitors to the content you share & post online.

Location Stats

Find out the top countries, regions, and cities that engage with your shared content.

Devices Used

Learn which devices, browsers, and platforms are most readily used to access your content.