Copied Text Tracker
Track all of the text and links that your visitors copy from your websites and blogs with just a few lines of code.

How it works

  • Create a Copied Test Tracker

    Using just 2 lines of code, you can convert any website into one that tracks visitor Copy/Paste activity.

  • Add the code to your website

    Simply add the Copied Text tracker code to the <head> or <body> of your website. Anytime a user copies text on the site, insights & stats are gathered.

  • Get engagement insights

    Analyze your Beak Stats dashboard to uncover measurements and insights on how your consumers engage.

What you get

Copied Text

View copied text values, as well as the frequency and the URLs that they were copied from.

Visitor Analysis

Get insights on unique, repeat, and total visitors on the web pages you add trackers to.

Location Stats

Find out the top countries, regions, and cities that visitors have arrived to your site from.

Devices Used

Learn which devices, browsers, and platforms are most readily used when accessing your site.