Frequently Asked Questions
How do I get support for issues related to my trackers?
Support is for subscribers only. Please send all support requests to Expect a response within 24 hours.
Include the following in your support request:
  • Your email address (the one linked to your user account)
  • Your Beacon id or url
  • A full description of the issue you're experiencing.
How do I use my transparent or image tracker to track and email?
Compose a new email, then click on the "Insert Photo" button.
Insert your Beacon URL into the "Web Address (URL)" tab and click "Insert"
Compose a new email, click "Edit in HTML" under the Options menu, and then enter the Beacon URL into the message body.
When entering your Beacon URL into the email, you must use HTML format as seen in the image above and in the example below:
<img src="" />
Click "Rich text" in the Options menu to continue composing your email.
Mozilla Thunderbird
Compose a new email, then click on the "Insert" menu item, and select "Image".
Enter your Beacon URL, and ensure your settings match those in this image:
What are "Tracks"?
A track is the minimum unit measurement for each tracker. Tracks are measured differently for each tracker type. See the following table for a complete reference:
Email 1 track = 100 email opens
Web Post 1 track = 100 web page views
PDF 1 track = 5 file opens
Social Video 1 track = 1 daily social network request
How does the free trial work?
The Free Trial grants you access to Beak's Starter plan immediately upon registration. After 3 days, your trackers will stop collecting data unless you update to a paid subscription.
Is there an annual commitment on subscription plans?
No. Each plan is charged month-to-month, and can be cancelled at anytime. However, we do offer discounts for 1-year and 2-year pre-payments.
What forms of payment do you accept -- credit card or invoicing?
You can subscribe to Beak using any major credit card. If you sign up for the Advanced or higher plan and spend at least $3K, we can issue an invoice payable by bank transfer. Account access is activated once payment is received. Monthly plans must be paid for by credit card.